• A lounge & music bar concept
  • A lounge & music bar concept

A lounge & music bar concept

Unique in France and Europe

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  • The Purple Lounge

The Purple Lounge


The Purple Lounge is a lounge & music bar concept unique in France and Europe, created by some independent European casinos in Luxembourg, Cannes, Cap d'Agde, Megève, .... The Purple Lounge is located in the heart of the Granville Casino in 2007.

One drinks in the evening and during the whole night a drink, a cocktail or a bottle between friends or in couple. The world of music and culture is among the fans of the place.

With its international dimension and contemporary inspiration, the Purple Lounge in Granville is known for its Waoo! Architecture, its very New York metal staircase, its walk-on-it bar, its removable floor, its trendy ambience and of course its Public of all ages! It was conceived in the spirit of (...) New-York. Architecture realized by Elgyka agency